Pepino mosaic virus hits crops in Dagestan


Pepino mosaic virus, considered one of the most dangerous tomato diseases in the world, has been detected in the Republic of Dagestan. The virus affects crops grown in greenhouses. The main host plants of the pathogen are tomato, pepper, eggplant, potato and pepino (melon pear or sweet cucumber). Pepino mosaic was originally thought to be transmitted exclusively by infected tomato seeds. It was later discovered that the mosaic virus can be transmitted by bumblebees, bed bugs, aphids, and some species of mites.

Recently, the virus was detected in Buynaksky municipal district. The indoor vegetable production is becoming increasingly popular in the region. The main crops grown in greenhouses are tomatoes and cucumbers. Some greenhouse owners grow greens, lettuce, radishes and flowers.

At present, there is no effective means of controlling Pepino mosaic, so the main ways to protect against infection are strict adherence to recommended sanitary measures and implementation of the vaccination strategy.

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