Dagestan and North Ossetia hold joint presentation in Makhachkala

The historical park "Russia - My History" in Makhachkala host a presentation of literary and fiction publications and book publishing houses from Dagestan and North Ossetia. The joint presentation was supported by the Information and Press Agency of the Republic of Dagestan and the Committee on Press and Mass Media of the Republic of North Ossetia.

A representative delegation of colleagues from the neighboring North Caucasian has been heartily welcomed by Dagestani journalists, writers and poets, scientists, artists, teachers and students. The jubilee dates of literature classics of the two republics - Kosta Khetagurov, Suleiman Stalsky, Effendi Kapiyev served as an official occasion for the event. The works of these writers and poets were performed by actors, journalists and schoolchildren.

The presentation was moderated by the editors-in-chief of the regional magazines, Oksana Khetagurova and Marat Gadzhiev. Yuri Fidarov, the oldest journalist and editor-in-chief of the republican newspaper Rastdzinad, read out the words of greetings from the head of the Committee for Press and Mass Communications of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. In a friendly atmosphere, journalists, publishers and artists outlined ways for co-operation and stages of joint activities in 2024 as well as exchanged gifts.

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