"Traditions of Fathers": Cultural heritage festival launches in Dagestan


The interregional cultural heritage festival "Traditions of Fathers", aimed at developing international cultural communication in the North Caucasian Federal District, started in Dagestan on June 30. The event is organized by the Union of Musicians of the Republic of Dagestan with the support of the Russian Ministry of Culture.

As part of the festival, creative teams and guests went on a cultural tour to different municipalities of the republic. A festival of the ashug song "Sing, ashug! Has taken place in Derbent, at the Naryn-Kala fortress. The ancient city has become a traditional venue for the festival. Creative groups and performers from Suleiman-Stal, Kurakh, Dokuzpara, Akhtyn and Rutul districts came together on one stage to showcase their unique art.

Keepers of the Ashug culture, storytellers from around the republic came to the festival to present their creativity. Dagestani performers presented beautiful musical compositions telling about the heroism of the people, the greatness and beauty of their homeland.

The Ashugi are not only singers, but also virtuoso musicians, mastering the tare and saz - ancient musical instruments. Traditional mughams, folk epic songs in the Azerbaijani and Lezgi languages, were performed under the walls of the ancient fortress.

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