Dagestan to face growing demand for tourism services by 25% in 2022

The demand for tourism services may grow in Dagestan by 25% in 2022 compared to last year indices, the Minister for Tourism and Folk Artistic Crafts of the Republic of Dagestan Emin Merdanov said at the regular sitting of the regional Government chaired by the Head of the republic Sergei Melikov.

According to Melikov, the growth in the volume of tourism services was observed throughout the year past. "The volume of services in the tourism industry in 2021 increased by 76%. The volume of sanatorium and resort services increased by 147%. Translated into economic language, we can say that the tourism industry is becoming one of the drivers for the regional economy" - Melikov reported.

More than a million tourists visited the region in 2021, the top official said. These figures were recorded thanks to the data of tour operators, cellular communications and vehicle orders. However, the exact data is not known, since some visitors came from the neighboring regions without registration of their movement in the tourist organizations. The Head of the republic pointed out that such a rapid growth demonstrated not only the potential and prospects, but also insufficient infrastructure capabilities.

It is about the shortcomings of accommodation and catering facilities, the condition of roads to the touristic destinations and sights, the provision of observation decks with the appropriate infrastructure, the issues of sanitary condition and safety.  In this regard, Melikov instructed the heads of municipalities to take personal control over the provision of comfortable conditions for the stay of tourists on the ground.

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