Anti-terrorism seminar for university students to be in Dagestan

A seminar on counter-terrorism for the young people (about 1000 students of the local universities) will be held in the republic. The event is organized by the Foundation for Assistance in Combating Terrorism.

The listeners will be told about modern terrorism, its manifestations, fatal consequences and, of course, how to resist it. In the light of recent events, these topics are especially important, because sometimes ordinary people can go down the wrong path and break the destiny of others.

"Dagestanis well remember the misfortune that international terrorists brought to our common home. We remember with the same pain in our hearts the recent terrorist attack in Moscow region. We do not want it to happen again, ever, anywhere. But our enemies are contacting children, teenagers and young people with proposals to organize terrorist attacks! The best weapon is information. The seminar is called to give Dagestani youth correct information on most pressing issues. As the organizers say, the fight against terrorism today is not only a matter for the special services, it's a matter for each of us" – the regional governor Sergei Melikov says on his Tg-channel.

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