Dagestan develops digital technologies for quick response to citizens' appeals

Dagestan authorities will introduce new digital solutions for faster response to citizens' appeals. The Head of the region Sergei Melikov during the weekly government sitting instructed the republican Digital Affairs Ministry to submit relevant proposals to improve the efficiency of feedback from people.

The head of the republic keeps the issue of improving the effectiveness of feedback on personal control. The top official thanked the Regional Control Center for the work carried out in this direction. However, Sergei Melikov believes that the complaints handling speed in the region is still insufficient. "It is unacceptable to wait so long for the authorities to respond that the problem loses its urgency. Citizens should have an opportunity to comfortably address any state body and promptly receive a meaningful answer and help in solving problems” – the governor pointed out.

The new information resource, according to Melikov, can be based on the republican RCC, Digital Affairs Ministry or any other suitable organization.

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