Artyom Bichayev hands over 15 vehicles to special operation zone as part of "Everything for Victory!” project


The State Duma deputy Artem Bichayev has handed over 15 UAZ Patriot cars to the special operation zone as part of the People's Front's "Everything for Victory!" project, the United Party press service reports.

The cars were sent to servicemen of the 177th separate Marine Regiment of the Caspian Flotilla. They were also loaded with essentials for the front (medical backpacks, first aid kits, sets of winter clothes and shoes, as well as an extra set of tyres).

“This is another batch of aid for our marines from me and the Peoples’ Front. I have been with the men in the direction of Zaporozhye and Krynki, and I will soon reach their new location. Recently we gave them quads and cars. Today we gave them UAZ off-road trucks. I would like to thank all Dagestanis for their help and participation in the "Everything for Victory" project” - Bichaev noted.

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