Dagestan gets prepared to commemorate 25th anniversary of defeat of international terrorist groups

This year the republic of Dagestan commemorates the 25th anniversary of the victory of the Dagestani people over the gangs that invaded the region in August 1999. This tragic events united Dagestanis and demonstrated their best qualities: patriotism, courage, steadfastness, bravery and readiness for self-sacrifice.

The invasion of militants into Dagestan began on August 7, 1999. Units of the so-called "Islamic Peace Brigade" (recognized as a terrorist organization in Russian Federation) guided by Basayev and Khattab, numbering from 400 to 1.5 thousand militants invaded Botlikhsky municipal district and seized a number of settlements.

There were no federal troops in the area of the invasion then. The local militia was unable to resist the superior forces of the militants. In response to the invasion, the Russian leadership sent units of the 136th Independent Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the 102nd Independent Brigade of Internal Troops of the Russian Interior Ministry, as well as the local and central police units to Dagestan. Militia units were formed throughout the republic. Volunteers from all over the Northern Caucasus rushed to the combat zone.

During the fighting that lasted until August 24, the militant groups were knocked out of their positions and pushed back to Chechnya. On August 25, the Russian Air Force planes started striking militant bases and camps in Chechnya. On September 5, about 1,500 militants under the command of Basayev and Khattab again invaded Dagestan and occupied settlements and dominant heights in Novolaksky municipal district. They planned to capture the towns of Khasavyurt and Buynaksk and then reach Makhachkala.

During the anti-terrorist operation, more than 300 Dagestani militiamen and law enforcement officers were killed and more than 800 were wounded. More than 70 persons were sentenced for the attack on Dagestan. Seven, including gang leaders Shamil Basayev and Khattab, were eliminated.
The victory over the gangs in Dagestan was a turning point in the fight against terrorism in the Northern Caucasus. It showed that the Dagestani people and the Russian authorities are united in their desire to protect the territorial integrity of the country and prevent the spread of terrorism.

In connection with the approaching memorable date, the preparations for the 25th anniversary have begun in the republic. A number of events are planned. Scientific conferences, as well as round tables on TV with the invitation of participants in those events and the representatives of public and religious associations will be held.

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