Dagestan authorities boost creation of new specially protected recreational area

The prime minister of Dagestan Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov has signed a decree on the creation of a specially protected territory of republican significance for recreational purposes on the territory of Manaskent village in Karabudakhkentski municipal district.

The recreational territory is created with the purpose to develop the tourist infrastructure of the region. In the future, the facilities for recreation, tourism, physical culture and recreational activities will be constructed on the territory.
The government pursues two goals – to create conditions for the people’s rest and to preserve the local recreational resources.

The document states that the specially protected area of the republic is created without limitation of the term of validity and without depriving the owners, proprietors, users, lessees of the land plots (water areas) used for national needs. The boundaries of the recreational area are marked on the ground with warning and information signs.

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