Dagestan builds new border railway station for 300 mln rubles

Dagestan has started designing a new railway station "Samur-2" on the border with Azerbaijan, the regional Ministry of Transport and Roads reports. It is planned to allocate 300 million rubles for the construction of the station.

"The design and construction of the facility is carried out within the framework of the project for development of the North-South international transport corridor" the ministry official says, stating that its launch will allow up to 7 million tons of cargo to pass annually through the Samur-Yalama border crossing point with a subsequent twofold increase.

At the same time, the timing of the start of construction has not yet been announced. "It will also include a railroad checkpoint, which is currently functioning in Derbent. This point will be equipped with modern equipment that meets all international standards" – the republican authorities note.

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