RUB 7 billion to be allocated to improve quality of roads in mountainous Dagestan

According to the Minister of Transport and Roads of the Republic of Dagestan, Dzhambulat Salavov, in 2024, the construction and reconstruction of 11 roads with a total length of more than 41 kilometers, as well as the construction of three bridges, are planned. A total of RUB 7 billion is planned to be allocated to improve the quality of roads in the mountainous region of Dagestan.

The main projects include:

- "Dylym - Imanaliroso" and "Buynaksk - Kizilyurt - Dubki" in the Kazbekovsky district
- "Buynaksk - Gimry - Chirkata" in the Gumbetovsky district
- Gunib highway - Vantashevsky pass leading to Gergebil, Gunib, and other mountainous areas

In the first quarter of 2024, RUB 1.4 billion has already been allocated for these projects.

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