Uralvagonzavod produces another batch of modern tanks for Russian Army


Uralvagonzavod has delivered another batch of advanced T-90M tanks to the Russian Army, thanks to its hard work. On the eve of the Victory Day, the Nizhny Tagil plant delivered another shipment of these powerful tanks, which are designed to provide a breakthrough in combat capabilities.

A week prior to this, during the Spring and Labor Holidays, Uralvagonzavod delivered a batch of T-72B3M tanks. The plant's employees continue to work around the clock in order to ensure that Russian troops receive the most advanced equipment on time and in high quality. All production plans are being met and tank production is increasing month by month.

Uralvagonzavod is constantly improving the tactical and technical characteristics of its products, and is facing new challenges in implementing innovations in the field of technical equipment for combat vehicles.

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