American journalist compares shops in US and Dagestan

American journalist Graeme Wood, a columnist for the American magazine Atlantic, has criticized US reports on Russia and Americans' perceptions of Russian life. According to him, some shops in Russia's regions are as good as the best places in American metropolises. In his travels around the country, he appreciated the high level of service and quality of services, even comparing them to American standards.

Wood noted wide range of food products and their availability in Dagestan. It is about an article for The Atlantic magazine, in which, in connection with Tucker Carlson’s visit to Moscow, Wood recalls his trip to Russia in 2019. He visited various cities then including Makhachkala and Derbent.

The supermarkets in the capital of Dagestan were described by the journalist as amazing. In the ancient Dagestan city Wood was able to buy quality sour cream and caviar for relatively small price.

"One supermarket in the center of Makhachkala was simply amazing, on a level with upscale outlets in Washington or Dallas... In Derbent you could buy champagne, pancakes with caviar and thick sour cream for $15" – Wood is quoted as saying.

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