Republican Ophthalmologic Hospital in Dagestan introduces 10 new techniques into practice

The specialists of the Republican Ophthalmologic Hospital in Dagestan introduced 10 new methods of patient treatment last year. Among them: non-penetrating deep sclerectomy with the use of A2 implant (reper); surgical correction of ptosis by resection of upper eyelid levator; surgical treatment of hemophthalmos; methods of IOL repositioning with and without dislocation of capsular bag; intravitreal injection of anti-VEGV drugs for aggressive form of retinopathy of prematurity and others.

Elmira Omarova, the Acting Head Physician of the ROH, spoke about the achievements of the medical center. Last year more than 22 thousand residents of the region received consultative services, about 7 300 patients were operated on, more than 20 thousand laboratory tests were performed.

In 2023, ophthalmologists focused on preventing glaucoma, a dangerous eye disease that can lead to blindness. During the World Week against this disease, the Hospital specialists visited about 20 municipal districts of the republic.

The medical facility also provides ongoing assistance to the participants of the special military operation and their families. In 2023, the hospital acquired a modern anesthesia system and other equipment necessary for its work.

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