Yandex Lyceum and Yandex Textbook Projects to be implemented in Dagestan schools

Makhachkala, September 15, 2018. In the near future Dagestan authorities will begin the implementation of the Yandex Lyceum project. This was announced today at the meeting with the representatives of the project group Yandex LLC by the deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan – the Minister of Education and Science RD Ummapazil Omarova and the Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Republic of Dagestan Sergey Snegirev. During the negotiations a Project Resolution has been adopted, the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science RD reports.

Preceding the conversation Ummapazil Omarova, noted the importance of implementing this project in the republican schools. In her opinion, the project will upd ate the educational process and will enable the students to freely and safely navigate in the digital space.

Expressing gratitude to the partners, Sergey Snegirev thanked the representatives of Yandex for their support and services rendered. The minister and noted that Dagestan expect interesting modern projects in many sectors including education. “This task was se t before us by the Head of the republic of Dagestan Vladimir Vasiliev" - the interim minister said.

More details about the project and the terms of its implementation were told by the director for business development of Yandex Dmitry Rastvorov and the deputy director for corporate and government relations of Yandex Igor Alekseev.
According to the officials, the Yandex.Lice is an educational project for teaching students programming. It was also noted that the Yandex. Textbook project will start functioning in the republic.  It provides for math and Russian language tasks for 2-4 grades with automatic checking and instant feedback for each child. According to the developers, the tasks are compiled on the basis of exemplary programs of two basic subjects and corresponds to the standards of the Federal State Education System.

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