Dagestan announces modernization of road crossing points on border with Azerbaijan

Seven lanes of traffic have been put into operation at the Yarag-Kazmalyar road border crossing point between Russia and Azerbaijan. This allowed to increase the traffic capacity by 700 vehicles per day. As to Dagestan Ministry of Transport and Road Construction, this was the first phase of the checkpoint reconstruction.

At the same time, it is reported that traffic opens on the border crossing point Tagirkent-Kazmalyar with Azerbaijan. About 400 vehicles can go through here per day. For the last two years the border was closed to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. The Novo-Filya checkpoint (also on the border with Azerbaijan) switched to a round-the-clock operation mode, which allows to pass through it for 200 more vehicles per day.

"The reconstruction of the Yarag-Kazmalyar checkpoint is underway without suspension of its operation. In order to reduce congestion at the checkpoint and increase its capacity, the passage of empty trucks through the checkpoint Novo-Filya-Shirvanovka is organized in round-the-clock mode" - the ministry spokesman reports.

"Yarag-Kazmalyar" has been under reconstruction since July 2020 without suspension of work. The aim of its reconstruction is to increase the throughput capacity, reduce the time of control procedures. After the reconstruction the capacity of the "Yarag-Kazmalyar" checkpoint should reach 730 cars, 630 trucks, 40 buses and 4 thousand individuals per day.

In November 2022, it was also planned to sign contracts on design of checkpoints Tagirkent-Kazmalyar and Novo-Filya, reconstruction of which is to be completed by the end of 2025. At the same time, it was decided to introduce two additional lanes for trucks at Tagirkent-Kazmalyar as early as in 2023.

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