Dagestan participates in "Productivity Leaders" program

The state program of professional retraining for the managerial staff "Productivity Leaders" is realized within the national project "Productivity of labor". At present the JSC "Makhachkala Airport" and the JSC "Dagdiesel Plant" participate in it.

The purpose of the program is to form a systematic approach to the management of enterprise to increase labor productivity in the conditions of modern market. Experts from the leading universities and companies-carriers of the best practices of increasing productivity are involved in the development and implementation of the program.

The program is designed for five months and consists of both full-time and part-time blocks. CEOs and owners of enterprises, deputy CEOs and heads of departments in the areas of "strategy", "marketing and sales", "production and logistics", "HR management" take most of the training courses.

Earlier, the representatives of Kizlyaragrokompleks JSC and KEMZ Concern OJSC underwent training under this program. As you may recall, the "Labor Productivity" national target project was launched in Dagestan in March 2022. The enterprises for realization of the national project were selected by the experts of the Federal Center of Competences in a face-to-face assessment according to the established criteria.

For the participants of the national project special support measures are provided, such as the program of preferential loan financing from the Industry Development Fund (at 1% per annum from 50 to 300 million rubles with a loan term of up to 5 years) and the financial support program of the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

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