Largest fruit storage facility to be built in southern Dagestan

The investor represented by Polosa LLC is building the largest fruit storage facility in the republic with a total capacity of 50 thousand tons of one-time storage in 4 stages.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Dagestan, the frame structures are being assembled and zero cycle works completed for the construction of the first storage facility with a capacity of 12.5 thousand tons.

The project is implemented to handle and preserve the gradually growing volume of fruits harvested in the region.

It should be reminded that within the framework of the "Breakthrough" project "Polosa" LLC has planted 600 hectares of intensive and super-intensive orchards, as well as created the largest hazelnut orchard in Europe on the area of 2.2 thousand hectares. Besides, a 40 hectare hazelnut nursery has been established to ensure import substitution of seedlings.

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