Russia's largest wind farm to be installed in Dagestan by mid-2026

The Russia's largest wind power plant will be constructed in Dagestan in 2026. This has become possible thanks to a co-operation agreement signed between the Government of the Republic of Dagestan and NovaWind Company.

The facility will be constructed on the territory of Kumtorkalinsky and Novolaksky municipal districts. The project is implemented in two stages. In the first stage (till June 2025), the specialists will design and construct a generation facility with a capacity of up to 160 MW, power grid facilities, associated infrastructure. Besides, the wind power plant will be technologically connected to the electric grid of the region.

In the second stage (till June 2026) the design and construction of a generation facility with an increase in the capacity of the Novolakskaya Hydro Power Station up to 315 MW will be carried out.

The project envisages creation of 60 permanent and 300 temporary jobs during the construction phase.

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