Dagestan authorities form group of media volunteers to monitor news and fight against fakes


The Information and Press Agency of the Republic of Dagestan is seeking to form a team of media volunteers who will assist with the organization and execution of various events, collect information, prepare news and feature stories, create photo and video reports as well as promote content on social media platforms.

During the recruitment process, Abdurazak Djamalutdinov, head of the agency, stressed the significance of this opportunity for prospective candidates to participate in and contribute to all significant events in the region being at the vanguard of events and acquiring new insights. "Volunteering can be a starting point for your future career, allowing you to choose an interesting field for development" - Djamalutdinov said.

Besides, the media volunteers will be involved in the work to combat misinformation, malicious messages and inaccurate assessments of current events in social networks.

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