Dagestan kept on burying rubbish in 2023

Dagestan remains among the regions that have not reduced the share of buried waste and rubbish in 2023, according to the analytical service of FinExpertiza. This is mainly due to the lack of necessary infrastructure for wastes handling in the regions, so they still have to send 100% of waste to the landfills.

The regions of Karelia, Dagestan, Altai Republic, Tuva, Khakassia and Magadan Oblast are considered outsiders. However, Dagestan is planning to launch several large landfills, waste sorting plants and transshipment facilities in 2024.

As noted in the analytical report, for 11 months of 2023 79.9% of rubbish volumes were disposed to landfills in Russian regions (for comparison, a year earlier this figure was 81.1%, and for the same period in 2021 - 86.7%). Only 13% of waste was recycled.

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