Mufti of Dagestan introduces temporary ban on wearing niqab


The Mufti of Dagestan has announced a temporary ban on wearing niqab in the republic until identified threats are removed and a new theological opinion is issued.

A few days ago, the head of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, spoke out against the wearing of the niqab. According to Melikov, the garment is not typical to the peoples of the Caucasus. The head of Dagestan justified his stance on security grounds, arguing that such clothing "gives men an opportunity to hide and women to carry prohibited items".

The Mufti of Dagestan referred to an appeal by the regional Ministry for National Policy and Religious Affairs, which reported on the existing security threat to the local residents.

The day before, the Muftiyat reported that the Fatwa Department had analyzed Sharia texts "within the framework of the four madhhabs" and found no sufficient grounds for a decision on a general ban on the niqab. The Fatwa Department planned to clarify under what circumstances it would consider it permissible to impose a local ban on the niqab for security reasons.

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