Vladimir Vasilyev and Dmitry Patrushev discuss main directions of agro-industrial complex development in Dagestan

Makhachkala, May 27, 2019. During the meeting, the Head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasilyev and the minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev discussed three main directions of development of the agro-industrial complex of Dagestan: the rice growing and melioration, the sheep breeding and mutton export, as well as the breeding and seed farming suggesting the opening of the Federal Scientific Center of Vegetable Growing in the republic.

The parties also considered the issues of regulating the control mode of the valves of Kargaly hydroelectric complex taking into account the needs of the local rice farmers and the uninterrupted water supply, especially during the sowing campaign, as well as supporting the creation of feed mutton production sites as part of the federal project “Export of agricultural products” and strengthening the feed base, including by improving the state of Kizlyar pastures.

The meeting participants reached an agreement to discuss more closely these and other issues with the specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation who are expected to arrive in the Republic of Dagestan. Dmitry Patrushev gave relevant orders to the responsible officials of the Ministry.

By this period, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Dagestan was entrusted to prepare draft programs for the development of sheep farming and an increase in the export of mutton, as well as the development of rice growing and amelioration.

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