239 summer camps for children's recreation open in Dagestan


Dagestan is preparing for a summer children's health improvement campaign. It is planned to open 239 children's summer camps in the region, including 25 off-site camps and 214 day camps. This information was reported by the press service of the Russian government. The planned coverage of the campaign will reach more than 37,000 children or 8% of the total number of schoolchildren in the region.

Training of personnel is underway for the launch of the campaign. Dagestan has a modern system of professional development for pedagogical workers at all levels of education. In Russia, 39,700 organizations will provide summer rest and recreation for more than 5 million children.

Russia’s government continues active work on the development of infrastructure for children's recreational activities. The Federal Program for the Modernization and Rehabilitation of Children's Recreation Facilities has begun work on upgrading the infrastructure of children's camp facilities in 54 regions. This year, over RUB 3 billion has been allocated from federal and regional budgets for the construction and renovation of buildings, dining facilities, medical centers and other facilities related to children's leisure.

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