Employees of Dagestan State University take part in international conference in Harbin


Employees of Dagestan State University: Senior Lecturer of "Physical and Organic Chemistry" Rustam Amashayev and Associate Professor of "Engineering Physics" Gadzhi Shakhsinov have taken part in the international conference "2024 China-Eastern Europe Cooperation and Experts Exchange Activity" in Harbin, China.

DSU employees presented their oral reports as invited speakers. In the sections "Fundamental Physics" and "Advanced Materials" Gadzhi Shakhsinov presented the report "Formation of asymmetric optical transmission spectra of a nanosecond discharge in extended shielded tubes upon resonant interaction of short laser pulses with excited neon atoms". Rustam Amashayev delivered report on "Development of a compact technological platform of atomic layer deposition for synthesis of macro- and nanoelectronic materials".

The reports were presented in English.

"The report I presented in the Advanced Materials section was devoted to a recently completed project on the design and assembly of an atomic layer deposition technological platform and its applications. DSU's participation in this conference will further strengthen the interaction under the international cooperation agreements between DSU and KPU," Amashayev said.

Apart from Chinese speakers, the event was attended by the representatives from many Eastern European countries, including Russia, Belarus, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, as well as Denmark and the United Kingdom.

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