Dagestan launches car tours to mountain resorts


For the first time, the Republic of Dagestan has introduced a multi-day car tour to its mountainous tourist resorts. This offer provides guests of the republic with a unique opportunity to experience an off-road five-day tour to the major mountain attractions in the region.

The car tour participants will visit the renowned Kager Plateau and the village of Gunib. They will also visit the abandoned village of Gamsutl and admire the Karadakh Gorge and Salta Waterfall. Additionally, they will see watchtowers in the village of Goor and drive to Troll's Tongue. The tour also includes a visit to the village of Kahib, which is located along a highway that passes through the confluence of the Avar and Andi Koysu rivers as well as Irganay and Chirkei reservoirs.

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