Dagestan mammologists become laureates of All-Russian Prize "Let's Live!"

The L7 Breast Centre's doctors from Dagestan have been awarded with the All-Russian Prize 'Let's Live!' for their project 'Breathe, Fight, Live!' in the category of 'Best Projects'. Additionally, the Centre's chief doctor, Fatima Tamaeva has been awarded in the 'Dynasty in Oncology' category.

The Association of Oncological Patients 'Hello!' annually organizes the 'Let's Live!' contest with support of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. The award is given for contribution to the fight against cancer and recognizes the outstanding achievements in the field of oncology treatment.
“This year, the L7 Breast Centre was represented in two nominations for the largest oncology industry award in Russia, which is a great honor. We are particularly pleased that the participants are nominated and the winners are chosen by the patients themselves. Their recognition is the highest form of appreciation for us” - Fatima Tamayeva, the Chief Physician of the Centre says.  

In 2024, over 5,000 individuals from various regions of Russia participated in the 'Let's Live!' event; medical workers, oncological institutions, patients, volunteers, public figures, representatives of charitable organizations and socially responsible businesses among them. Out of these participants, 111 individuals received top awards in 15 categories.

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