Experts have calculated cost of vacations in Dagestan in fall-winter period

Depending on the route and the number of excursions, a three-day tour to Dagestan will cost from 37 to 55 thousand rubles for two people without travel expenditures. A 4 days tour will cost from 64 to 70 thousand rubles for two people. A tour for 5 days will cost from 56 to 75 thousand rubles for two people. Such data were given by the Association of Tour Operators of Russia.

According to experts, the excursion tours to Dagestan for 4-5 days are popular in the fall. The tour operators named the TOP-5 most popular destinations in Dagestan, which tourists most often want to visit in the fall and winter. The list contains the next places of interest: Sulak Canyon, the ancient city of Derbent and the citadel Naryn-Kala, Gunib mountain aul and Gamstul ghost village, Karadakh Gap, Tobot Waterfall and Barkhan Sarykum.

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