Palestinian refugees receive qualified medical care in Dagestani clinics


Refugees from Palestine have been examined and treated in state medical institutions and private clinics of Dagestan.

"Our doctors provided the guests with the necessary help, taking into account their medical history and health problems. They carried out ultrasound diagnostics of pelvic organs, endoscopy of ENT organs and other medical manipulations. Patients were treated by doctors of different specialties. Moreover, this is not a one-time action, such medical consultations for forced refugees from Palestine will be continued," the head of the clinic in Makhachkala, honorary doctor of Dagestan Aishat Karayeva says.

More than 150 evacuees from Palestine, including children, are currently being accommodated in the republic. A temporary accommodation center has been set up for them in one of the recreation centers, some of them have already received Russian passports.

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