Republican Education Center hosts exhibition of robotics

The robotics exhibition initiated by the governmental Council for Science and Education has opened in the Republican Education Center in Dagestan town of Kaspiysk.

Konstantin Bolonin, a teacher of the robotics club, told about how children build robots at the lessons. “I teach computer science, technology and robotics classes at this school. Here is a variety of our robots. Almost all of them are built by children. The teachers assisted only in programming the devices. One of the robots named Gosha, was programmed so that he could say hello to a person, one can give it different commands to execute. One of our students created a robot that is designed to help people with disabilities. She created it for her grandfather, who suffers Parkinson's disease" – Bolonin said.

The nine-year-old Tamerlan Khizriev also shared his impressions of the robotics classes. "I have been practicing robotics and programming for more than two years together with my friend. We like building different robots, and sometimes it happens that we build them not according to the instructions, but make them up ourselves" - Tamerlan confessed.

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