Twenty new kindergartens to be commissioned in Dagestan by September

Under the "Education" and "Demography" target national projects and the state program "Integrated Development of Rural Areas", the construction of 9 schools and 20 kindergartens is nearing completion in Dagestan.

By this autumn, by the Day of Knowledge celebrated in Russia on September 1, 20 kindergartens and 9 new schools will be put into operation in the region. The construction of the facilities is in the final stage, the press service of the regional government reports.

The day before the vice-premier of Dagestan government Muslim Telyakavov chaired session of a working group to discuss the issue of licensing new educational objects in 2023. The Road Map stipulates the deadline for licensing and opening 9 schools for 4,040 places and 20 kindergartens for 3,320 places by September 1.

All the objects were built, finishing work and equipment is being purchased nowadays, officials say.

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