Commissioning of meat processing plant worth 1.5 billion rubles postponed for six months in Dagestan

In Dagestan, the commissioning of the meat processing plant worth 1.5 billion (project implemented by Dagmyaso LLC) is scheduled for the end of 2024, the regional Ministry of Agriculture and Food reports. Earlier, the investor planned to commission the facility in June 2024.

The volume of investments in the project is estimated at 1.5 billion rubles. The construction will be carried out in several stages. Within the first stage of construction, it is planned to build shops for slaughtering 50 heads of cattle and 700 heads of sheep per shift, production of sausages, canned meat and processing of intestinal raw materials.

"The enterprise will slaughter cattle, process meat and produce sausage and canned products, intestinal raw materials, meat and bone meal as well as the pet food. It is planned to establish processing of poultry meat and farm animal skins. The project will create 130 jobs ", - the Ministry official says.

Noteworthy, Dagmyaso LLC founded by Dagestan Development Corporation JSC and DagAgroLeasing JSC was registered in April 2022.

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