Dagestan company to expand production of household chemicals

Dagestan company for production of household chemicals "Leonel" intends to expand production. As to the company director Shahban Gadzhiev, the construction of a new building of the plant is expected to start soon.

"Currently we produce about 20 items of products, which we sell through marketplaces. But there is already a shortage of space, so we intend to expand" - Gadzhiev confesses. The land had already been purchased in the north of Makhachkala to build the factory facilities, the businessman said.

Basically, Gadzhiev says, the company's products are in great demand among the cleaning companies. "Earlier we produced detergents in 5-liter containers, but with the new factory we will produce products in small packages" Gadzhiev said, noting that the company produces up to 100 tons of products per month.

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