Dagestan expects even more persimmon harvest

At the end of 2023 Dagestan farmers plan to increase the gross harvest of persimmon up to 5.5 thousand tons. It is noted that last year's harvest was at the level of 5 thousand tons. Thus, in the current year, this indicator may grow by 10%. The total area under persimmon in Dagestan exceeds 360 hectares. The orchards are located in four districts: Magaramkent (more than 227 hectares), Derbent (more than 100 hectares), Kumtorkalinsky (20 hectares) and Suleiman-Stalsky districts (10 hectares). For example, in 2023, the horticultural enterprise LLC "Polosa" has planted a persimmon orchard on the area of 5 hectares.

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