Intensive orchard of almost 7 hectares to be planted in Dagestan

An intensive orchard of 6.6 hectares is planned to be planted in Dagestan's Kizilyurt municipal district. About 8,000 apple and cherry tree seedlings will be planted in the locality.

The garden will be planted in the village of Kulzeb by Yusuf Yusufov, the general director of the "Dag Meat" LLC. As to Yusufov the future garden will appear on the plot allocated for the construction of a new enterprise for production and processing of meat products of the full cycle. There is land that will not be occupied by industrial buildings but appropriate for planting fruit trees.

"The new orchard is part of a large investment project. We decided to plant an orchard on a plot of land, which was allocated to us for the construction of the future enterprise", - Yusufov said. The plot has already been examined by soil survey specialists who gave a positive report.

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