New multi-purpose aircraft of own design presented in Dagestan

A new multi-purpose aircraft, designed in-house has been unveiled in Dagestan. Dagestan-based JSC "Concern Kemz" has officially unveiled the new "Alfa-KM", a twin-engine, four-seat aircraft.

The "Alfa-KM" aircraft surpasses its predecessor, the MAI-411, in terms of flight performance, as well as other Russian and foreign aircraft of its type.

Some of the technical features of the new aircraft include a cruising speed of 250 km/h and a practical range of 1,600 km. The maximum flight altitude is 3 km and the maximum takeoff weight makes 1,250 kg, thanks to the use of composite materials.

It is planned to develop several variations of the aircraft in the future, including those that can land and take off from water and snow-covered surfaces.

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