Solar power plant receives status of large-scale investment project in Dagestan

Dagestan authorities assigned Derbent solar power plant the status of a large-scale investment project and allocated a land plot for its construction. The facility is a strategic one because of shortage of electricity observed in the region for the last 10 years.

"The members of Dagestan government have unanimously decided to support the project, assign it the status of a large-scale investment project and approve granting of a land plot for construction of the solar power plant without tenders

Derbent solar power plant will be an infrastructural energy facility of strategic importance for the Republic of Dagestan, taking into account the fact that the region has been experiencing an acute shortage of electric power capacity under conditions of constantly growing consumption and a lack of balance over the 10 years past" - the statement runs.

The power station will be located at an area of 305 hectares in Derbent municipal district. The project envisages construction of the station with a total capacity of 100 MW and with total investments of more than 6.5 billion rubles in 4 stages. The contractor is Solar Systems Group, which is one of the largest energy companies in the field of solar energy in Russia. The company plans to complete the construction of power plant in 2024.

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