Dagestan determines boundaries of 44 specially protected natural territories

Makhachkala, February 24, 2019. Upon the instructions of the President Vladimir Putin, voiced in his address to the Federal Assembly, a detailed audit of all nature conservation areas in Russia will be conducted. On Friday, the head of the Ministry for Natural Resources of Dagestan, Nabiyulla Karachayev, commenting on the President’s message to the Federal Assembly, said that the work on land management in specially protected natural areas will be enhanced in the region.

In total in Dagestan there are 44 regional protected areas and five federal protected regional districts. Cadastral and other land management works on federal objects have been carried out earlier. To date, the cadastral registration, land surveying and other land management work are being conducted in seven PNTs. The similar work will be carried out in four other reserves, this year.

It is planned that by 2021 the land inventory will be completed for all 44 regional PNTs. All the PNTs in Dagestan are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry for Natural Resources and Ecology of the Republic. Among them there are 12 state nature reserves, 4 natural parks, one estuary-melt complex and 27 nature monuments.

According to the instruction voiced by the President Vladimir Putin in his annual address to the Federal Assembly, the new national parks will appear in Dagestan and several other regions of the country. All protected areas are subject to special accounting and strict definition of boundaries.

The oldest natural reserve in Russia is the state reserve on the northeast shore of Lake Baikal, created in 1917. Since 1995, Russia has a law on specially protected natural territories, defining these objects as a national treasure.

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