Dagestan displays positive dynamics in tax and non-tax revenues to budget

The republic of Dagestan displays positive dynamics of tax and non-tax revenues to the budget. For 11 months of the current year, the consolidated revenues amounted to about 47.5 billion rubles, which exceeds 101.7% of last year's indices.

According to preliminary information, budget execution at the moment also shows growth of more than 2% compared to the last year, Ruslan Aliyev, the first deputy Prime Minister of the region reports.

"Significant efforts have been made to ensure macroeconomic stability. And of course, such work should be continued to fulfill the planned budgetary obligations" – the top official said. Despite the improvement of the overall situation, Sergei Melikov pointed out the importance of qualitative use of the budgetary funds and instructed the municipalities to fulfill all their obligations by the end of this year.

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