Newest water purification system to be launched in Yuzhno-Sukhokumsk in Dagestan

An innovative ultraviolet water purification system will be installed for residents of the town of Yuzhno-Sukhokumsk in Dagestan thanks to the target project "Housing and Urban Environment". Currently, the active phase of construction of a new water pipeline is underway in the town.

The project provides for drilling of six artesian wells to provide quality water for more than 10 thousand residents. At the same time works on installation of a reservoir for 3 thousand cubic meters are being carried out.

The project will provide quality and uninterrupted water supply to all consumers, including communal and social facilities. A total of four water supply facilities are planned to be commissioned in the region this year, thanks to which almost 49 thousand residents will be able to use clean water.

The key objective of the federal project "Clean Water" is to increase the share of the Russian population that has access to quality drinking water using centralized water supply systems. Earlier the project was a part of the national project "Ecology". Since 2021 it is included in the national project "Housing and Urban Environment".

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