Dagestan audio guide wins Smart City Award


The audio guide created for traveling in Dagestan has been recognized as one of the best digital solutions in Russia. This development became the winner of the all-Russian "Smart City" award.

Digital tourist solutions of Dagestan were among the best Russian developments. It is about the audio guide "North of Dagestan" and "South of Dagestan", created for car travel. This project was implemented thanks to the efforts of MTS, supported by the regional Ministry of Tourism. The development has fully justified itself, being so successful that it entered the top 5 of the "Smart City" Award.

Anyone can use the audio guide on the MTS Live platform absolutely free of charge, regardless of which operator they subscribe to. The audio guide allows to find the best place to rest, to eat or to have fun. The stories of the audio guide also tell about the history and culture of ancient Dagestan.

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