Dagestan to receive 54 mobile medical complexes

Makhachkala, September 13, 2020. According to the regional project for the development of primary health care, 5 municipalities received mobile paramedic complexes. Four mobile facilities on the KamAZ chassis, equipped, among other things, with resuscitation equipment, have replenished the fleet of regional hospitals in Tsunta, Tlyarata, Tsumada and Babayurt municipal districts. One complex has ben delivered to Kochubey medical unit.

“The cars will serve residents of remote settlements where there are no medical outpatient clinics. The local residents will be informed about the visit of a mobile paramedic complex in advance and they will be able to undergo medical examination, vaccination or get a consultation from a specialist.

In total, according to the source in the regional Public Health Ministry, by the end of the year the republic will receive another 54 mobile medical complexes including 12 mobile fluorographs and 6 mammographs.

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