Daghestani kickboxers have to qualify for the international competitions

Makhachkala, April 15, 2014. Daghestani kickboxing team will participate in the World Martial Arts Games which will take place in Las Vegas in 2015, as well as in the Championship and the World Cup in Italy, the senior coach of Daghestani kickboxing team Akhmed Akhmedov reports.

As to the spokesperson, the qualifying stage for the upcoming competitions was the Russian kickboxing championship in "full-contact" version held in Ulyanovsk on April 6- 12. By results of the competitions, Daghestan team obtained seven gold, two silver and bronze medals.

It was announced that Daghestani sportsmen Ramazan Razakov and Bashir Tazhdinov will go to the World Martial Arts Games in Las Vegas. These athletes will participate in the World Cup in Rimini,Italy on May 30 to June 6.

By results of the junior championship, Malik Saidov, Gussein Saidov, Radzhadulah Akhmedov, Islam Magomedov, Ramazan Murtazaliyev had to qualify for the world championship tour, which will take place in Italy on September 6 to 14.

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