Dagestan begins development of Caspian cluster

The first stage of documents preparation for the construction of the Caspian coastal cluster has been completed. Now the authorities have started to develop a plan for the construction of a multifunctional center.

"Under the terms of the contract, Bristol-Project company will prepare projects for improving the area and creating future beach infrastructure facilities. The contractor will also have to carry out engineering surveys and prepare design documentation for the creation of a road and path network as well as the construction of a multi-storey car parks for 1,800 cars, viewing, sports and children's playgrounds, a promenade, embankment, pedestrian and cycle paths in the park areas".

It is reported that the new facility will be built using natural materials and will combine cultural features of the region.

The multifunctional center on the territory of the cluster will have a total area of 6 thousand square meters. There will be constructed house offices, catering facilities and a conference hall.

Andrey Yumshanov, the head of Caucasus.RF corporation, pointed out that 17 companies were interested in becoming residents of the cluster. The project is therefore seen as promising and in great demand. It will contribute to the development of the regional economy. Earlier it was reported that 12 billion roubles from the regional budget and 68 billion roubles from extra-budgetary funds will be spent on the implementation of this project. The new cluster is expected to create about 14 thousand jobs.

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