Five renewable energy facilities to be built in Dagestan by 2028

Five large-scale projects in the construction of renewable energy facilities (solar power plants and a wind farm) will be implemented in Dagestan in the next four years.

The region experiences a shortage of electricity, its consumption has increased significantly in recent years and the existing power plants cannot cover all the needs. Last year, the electricity consumption in the republic exceeded generation by 3,831.7 million kWh. The construction of renewable power facilities in Dagestan will make it possible to partially make up for the lacking volumes of electricity.

The five new facilities include Derbent (100 MW) and Nogai (60 MW) solar power plants, Makhachkala wind farm with a capacity of 12.5 MW and wind power plants (up to 315 MW) in Novolak and Kumtorkalinsky districts. Besides, the Mogokh small hydroelectric power plant project with a capacity of almost 50 MW will be implemented in Gergebil and Untsukul municipal districts.

As reported, in October 2023, the debts of Dagestan's housing and communal enterprises for consumed electricity increased by another 1 billion rubles. The total amount owed by this category of consumers exceeded RUB 3.9 bn.

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