VK Places releases film on Dagestan


Popular bloggers Sabina Khairova and Kerja, along with singer Tima Akimov and the crew of the VK Places project, have discovered some unique tourist routes in Dagestan. Together, they will take viewers to some amazing places in the region. The travelers will start by visiting the oldest high-mountain trading village, Chokhi, and then head to the Derbent fortress, Naryn-Kala, a defense complex with a rich history. There, the audience will learn about balancing on ropes and meet tightrope walkers.

Following the participants of the media expedition, viewers will hike through the gorges of the Caucasus and then take a boat ride on the waters of the Sulak Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world.

The film crew will not ignore one of the oldest cities in Russia, Derbent. Here, viewers will get acquainted with the unique life of Dagestan and even see a traditional Dagestan tea party, which will take place in a tea house in the heart of the city.

The VK Places project is being implemented with the support of the Internet Development Institute (IDI). By the end of 2024, 70 video images about Russian regions will have been produced as part of the project. Filming has already taken place in 43 Russian regions.

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