Modernized cruise train "Pearl of the Caucasus" arrives in Dagestan


The modernized cruise train "Pearl of the Caucasus", carrying guests from various regions of Russia, arrived in Dagestan. The passengers were greeted with a traditional dance and concert, as part of the hearty welcome ceremony.

During the trip, guests will visit some of the most famous sights in the region, such as the Naryn-Kala Fortress, the Sulak Canyon, and the Sarykum Barkhan. The train itinerary is designed to allow tourists to spend a day exploring these attractions and then spend the night aboard the train, acting as a "hotel on wheels" rather than staying in a traditional hotel.

"The Pearl of the Caucasus" is a seven-day train journey on a comfortable train. One can board it in Moscow or Rostov-on-Don. During the trip, the train stops in Maikop, Vladikavkaz, Grozny, Makhachkala, Derbent and Nalchik. The train consists of 19 cars. It has a dining car, a sleeper car, a sauna, shower facilities and a reception area to ensure everyone's comfort.

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