Temirlan Abutalimov from Dagestan awarded Hero of Russia medal

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has awarded Lieutenant Temirlan Abutalimov with the Hero of Russia Gold Star medal following an expanded meeting of the Defense Ministry Board at the National Defense Control Centre in Moscow, Russia.

As noted in the decree, Abutalimov showed courage and loyalty to combat brotherhood on the front line. In one of the battles in Zaporozhye region, despite the outnumbered enemy and the Abutalimov’s wound, he continued the fight. Thanks to his professionalism and bravery, the Russian servicemen inflicted huge damage to the enemy, turned the situation around and won the victory.

Temirlan became the eighth Hero of Russia from Dagestan since the beginning of the Special Military Operation.

"Dear Temirlan, Dagestan admires and is proud of you! You have shown the character of a true mountain man and have become a model of fortitude and honor for all the Russians. Thank you for your love for the Motherland and readiness to strengthen its power and glory with your feats!" – the personal congratulation letter of Dagestani Head Sergei Melikov runs.

The Hero of the Russian Federation Medal was established in 1992 and is the highest honorary title of the Russian Federation. It is awarded to persons for “service to the Russian state and nation associated with a heroic feat of valor”. The awardees wear a golden star that identifies them.

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