23.07.2023 07:48:00
Private industrial park for furniture production to be created in Dagestan
20.07.2023 20:53:00
Approx. 800 thousand tourists visited Dagestan in six months of 2023
16.07.2023 20:25:00
Largest garden in southern Dagestan turns into tourist location
16.07.2023 20:17:00
Experts predict boost in number of electric cars in Dagestan by 2030
15.07.2023 11:11:00
Cinema halls double their revenue in Makhachkala
12.07.2023 20:20:00
Dagestan enters top list of most desirable regions for vacations
12.07.2023 20:05:00
Investments’ growth rate in Dagestan economy is higher than average in Russia
12.07.2023 19:34:00
Chechnya and Dagestan launch pilot project concerning Islamic banking
10.07.2023 19:30:00
Dagestan plant to expand production of metal structures
07.07.2023 18:10:00
Dagestan scientists and their colleagues from China invent new method of producing biojet fuel for domestic aircrafts
07.07.2023 17:37:00
Pobeda starts flights to Dubai
07.07.2023 11:41:00
Dagestan and Turkmenistan launch cargo shipment in 2023
06.07.2023 19:45:00
Federal center allocates more money for communal utilities development in Dagestan
05.07.2023 09:48:00
Dagestan invests 24.6 billion RUR in own development
04.07.2023 16:51:00
Dagestan increases trade turnover with Islamic world countries in 1.6 times
03.07.2023 13:11:00
Premium-class tourist facility worth 170 million RUR opens in southern Dagestan
02.07.2023 20:51:00
Dagestan plant plans to launch production of glass threads for 2 billion rubles
17.06.2023 15:56:00
Dagestan company to supply its Uzbek colleagues with sensors for uranium mining enterprise
14.06.2023 07:48:00
Big transport company intends to develop the cargo turnover via Dagestan
11.06.2023 21:07:00
Cultural Heritage Marathon takes place in Makhachkala