06.06.2024 21:51:00
Dagestan to receive modern IT cluster
06.06.2024 21:46:00
Dagestan and Leningrad Region sign cooperation agreement
06.06.2024 21:29:00
Dagestan can receive almost 2 million tourists in 2024
05.06.2024 20:55:00
Abdulmuslim Abdulmuslimov visits St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
05.06.2024 20:51:00
Dagestani gymnast wins medals at Spartakiade among Russian Students
05.06.2024 20:44:00
Russia proposes new tax scale for individuals
05.06.2024 20:12:00
Films about Northern Caucasus shown at regional cinema forum in Pyatigorsk
05.06.2024 09:39:00
Tax arrears for 2023 increases by RUB 8.8 billion in Dagestan
04.06.2024 21:54:00
Presentation of Caucasus Investment Forum takes place in Foreign Affairs Ministry
04.06.2024 21:32:00
Project of DSTU student wins regional stage of federal program “I am in business”
04.06.2024 13:49:00
Two transport and logistics centers to be created in Dagestan
04.06.2024 13:45:00
Dagestan reduces cost and scope of its investment program
04.06.2024 11:04:00
Construction of five-star hotel starts in Derbent
03.06.2024 21:12:00
One-third of Russians prefer domestic tourism
02.06.2024 20:10:00
Regional Ministry of Construction announces terms for construction of new sewage treatment plants in southern Dagestan
02.06.2024 20:00:00
Large pipeline for water supply of Derbent to be commissioned in 2025
02.06.2024 19:56:00
School graduates with 95 and more points on USE to receive RUB 100 thousand in Dagestan
02.06.2024 19:10:00
Dagestan authorities form group of media volunteers to monitor news and fight against fakes
02.06.2024 16:04:00
Dagestani doctors train in modern neuro-oncology at conference in Astana
01.06.2024 20:13:00
Dagestan launches direct flights from Makhachkala to Antalya