14.02.2024 10:02:00
New construction lime plant to be launched in Dagestan in March
13.02.2024 18:55:00
Tucker Carlson visited Dagestan's pavilion at international exhibition-forum "Russia"
13.02.2024 17:39:00
14 companies join industrial glass cluster in Dagestan
13.02.2024 17:36:00
Dagestan gardeners invited to participate in III International Conference "Apricot"
13.02.2024 12:34:00
Almost 40% of Dagestan mutton is exported to Russian regions
13.02.2024 12:23:00
Dagestan authorities to bar access of unscrupulous developers to state contracts
13.02.2024 11:44:00
Large resort in Dagestan implements expansion project
12.02.2024 18:04:00
Anvar Allakhyarov makes successful debute at European Championship
12.02.2024 17:14:00
Best practices of apartment buildings management to be chosen in Dagestan
12.02.2024 17:00:00
Artyom Bichayev hands over 15 vehicles to special operation zone as part of "Everything for Victory!” project
12.02.2024 16:37:00
Dagestan leads in number of fines for traffic violations
12.02.2024 16:26:00
900 hectares of new orchards to be planted in 2024
12.02.2024 13:05:00
Dagestan gets prepared to commemorate 25th anniversary of defeat of international terrorist groups
12.02.2024 10:29:00
Dagestan authorities concern about undocumented cattle imports into region
11.02.2024 23:01:00
MSU students create map of natural and cultural sites in Dagestan
11.02.2024 20:48:00
Agrarian classes to be taught in Dagestan schools
11.02.2024 11:09:00
Dagestan creates stocks of fuel and lubricants for agrarians to avoid difficulties during sowing season
10.02.2024 19:06:00
Land in Dagestan turns out to be one of most expensive in country
09.02.2024 20:28:00
Renowned American journalist Tucker Carlson visits the Russia International Exhibition and Forum
09.02.2024 20:20:00
“History of Diplomacy” photo exhibition opens in Makhachkala