23.02.2024 20:33:00
Garment factory in Dagestan manufactures products for Special Military Operation
23.02.2024 19:18:00
Saadat Dalgatova becomes ambassador of World Friendship Games
23.02.2024 17:22:00
Dagestan decreases manufacture of metal and plastic products in 2023
23.02.2024 17:19:00
Russian tour operators forecast high demand for holidays in Dagestan in spring-summer period of 2024
22.02.2024 17:57:00
Dagestan implements 17 investment projects in agro-industrial complex worth 27 billion rubles
22.02.2024 17:29:00
Dagestan's shoe factories produce 4 mln pairs of shoes in 2023
22.02.2024 17:21:00
Export volumes in Dagestan increases by 38% - up to 114 million dollars in 2023
21.02.2024 16:24:00
Dagestan among top three regions with most significant labor shortage
21.02.2024 16:08:00
February 21 is International Mother Language Day
21.02.2024 15:59:00
Lezginka Dance Ensemble to present Dagestan culture in United Arab Emirates
21.02.2024 15:38:00
12 new modular post offices to appear in Dagestan in 2024
21.02.2024 15:32:00
Arab sheikhs take interest in Dagestan's hotel and shopping center project
20.02.2024 19:22:00
"Reading Together" new project for young people presented in Makhachkala
20.02.2024 15:46:00
Construction of two more hotels to be started in Dagestan
19.02.2024 18:19:00
Plants and factories increase processing of fruit and vegetables by 30% in Dagestan
19.02.2024 18:02:00
Student from Dagestan to take part in finals of Start the Game All-Russia contest
19.02.2024 17:48:00
Dagestan goes ahead of neighboring regions in terms of retail trade turnover
19.02.2024 17:20:00
Round table dedicated to International Mother Language Day to be held in Makhachkala
18.02.2024 20:46:00
Furniture factory to represent Dagestan at "We are the ones" All-Russian contest
18.02.2024 20:28:00
Dagestan presents three unique platforms at "Russia" exhibition on Education Day